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About Mallika Bansal


There is no doubt about the numerous advantages of vegetarian food over non vegetarian delights, and when it comes to Indian vegetarian foods, nothing can surmount them, thanks to the utilities they offer. If you are looking for a starting point in this category, there’s nothing better than to begin with Mallika Bansal, India’s premier vegetarian culinary expert. Whatever you are looking from, from salads and starters to main course menus and low calorie foods to desserts and drinks – she offers you everything. The chef is highly creative when it comes to appealing to the taste buds of the guests.




These include onion fries, potato and onion fritters, tomato pakora, mixed parathas (chapattis), samosas, tikiyas, potato cutlets and patties, tangy tomato snacks, avocado dips and lentil spreads, and much, much more. These are great to taste and make for superb tongue tasting delights. You can even have them in between meals.




Mallika Bansal brings to you the exotic vegetarian Indian starters from her very own kitchen. The names like grated carrot salad, green fillers, green tomato salad, beet and banana relish, green cabbage salad, fenugreek salad and pineapple potato salad are only some from her list. The master chef brings to you each of these savories from her hearth to relish your taste buds.


Main Course


The Indian main course is perhaps the most comprehensive of all the cuisines of the world. You can’t eat to your heart’s fill unless you’ve tasted all the veg Indian main course foods like battered potato, broccoli casserole, carrot saag, aloo dum, potato cauliflower, and thousands of yummy fares. Take a tour of these exceptional and extraordinary culinary specialties with Mallika Bansal for a one of a kind experience.




Indians are known for their sweet tooth and unlike western cooking patterns Indian desserts are made with lots of traditionally used ingredients like ground coconut, coconut milk, hand ground flour etc. Some of the sweet dishes are also prepared in age old styles to preserve the taste and keep it intact. The notable celebrities in this category consist of coconut barfi (grated coconut), gajar ka halwa (carrot in sweet pudding), gulab jamun (dried milk dumplings soaked in sugar syrup), mango rabri, rasgulla and many more! The Indian desserts enjoy a hearty welcome right from the time they are introduced in your platter to when they are over.


Low Calorie


Some of these foods like masala noodles, garlic and tomato soup, beans salad, ginger ale, upma, curd rice, aloo poha and baked eggplant are uniquely prepared with good seasoning. Mallika Bansal teaches you how to dress up your low cal foods to obtain the perfect taste. You need a non stick pan to cook them.




If cuisine is so diversified, it simply follows that our drinks are equally varied. Here’s what you can soak in: mango panna, lassi, nimbu paani (lemon juice), pistachio shake, gulab sherbet, kesar badam shake, jeera lassi, cardamom shake, chandan sherbet, ginger ale, thandaai, spiced tea, ginger fruit punch and more.