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Indian recipes are highly popular all over the world and when it comes to vegetarian meals and preparations, nothing can overstep the standards set by Indian veg preparations. As an Indian vegetarian cooking expert, Mallika Bansal offers some easy to prepare vegetarian recipes that you can specialize in sitting in your home.


Eating Indian vegetarian dishes is a way of life in our part of the world and other than the health benefits involved, these dishes are easy to prepare and great to taste. In fact, the appeal has spread so much that more and more people all over the world have started taking on munching these beneficial goodies. Among the most popular vegetarian foods, mention must be made of aloo paratha (potato chapattis), idly and dosa. Well, these are just a few as more and more goodies await you. The main reason as to why these vegetarian dishes are popular is that they are prepared easily and it is fun making them. These dishes are rich in fiber which prevents constipation and ensures effective digestion.


Taste is also excellent and as long as you get the right mix of ingredients, you have nothing to worry about. The mix of spices is truly eclectic and it makes the food savory and wholesome. The food is diet friendly and if you want to get back in shape, this is one of the sure things that you ought to try. The foods such as baingan bharta (mashed and seasoned eggplant), beet curry, and cauliflower pea curry and garlic chickpeas are low in terms of fat and cholesterol. The low fat diets are extremely efficient in regulating your cardiovascular diseases and are even more effective than foods that are low in carbohydrates.


Hence, if you are avoiding foods that are rich in sodium, cholesterol and fats, you could easily switch over to healthy Indian vegetarian recipes, to prepare which you need lots of herbs and spices to taste. Cancer and heart related problems are thus taken care of, as are obesity and high blood pressure. With Mallika Bansal’s recipes, you can beat cancer and get a good night’s sleep. If you can match that with an exercise program, you can relax your mind and maintain a healthy body, as well as reduce the amount of calories consumed.


Planning is the Key


However, getting a vegetarian Indian diet program is not enough since you need to club that with appropriate planning methods. You should decide first on what to eat and what to avoid and as far as Mallika Bansal is concerned, you need not worry as the right amount of nutrients will be incorporated into your body. The vegetarian diet also incorporates a generous serving of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.